Brand NÁDOBA offers all of its partners favorable conditions for cooperation and provide:

The constant availability of goods in warehouses all its dealers. We understand that the stock status is an important point in the cooperation. Constantly analyzing the needs of our partners and taking into account the dynamics of sales growth, we carefully plan the delivery of goods to the warehouses of our company and our dealers.

Equipment sales places. Our company pays great attention to the exhibition at point of sale of our partners. To do this, we provide exhibition equipment, advertising materials and samples of our products, we give recommendations for placement of stands in a store.

We offer an interesting and high-quality goods, which comply with international and European standards. The products under the brand name NÁDOBA produced in modern factories, equipped with high-tech equipment with constant quality control of products. In the production of used the most modern technological advances that give us a basis for a well-deserved pride and confidence in the quality of our products. High quality materials used in production, do not emit any substances hazardous to health in contact with food, even at high temperature. All products under the brand NÁDOBA characterized by durability and reliability and meet the highest international and European standards for safety, durability, abrasion and chemical resistance, as confirmed by long-term guarantee. All goods are packed in contemporary packaging, which has a the actual European design.

A clear system of distribution and pricing. We set the minimum-recommended retail prices, in order not to be dumping, and all of our partners had the opportunity to have a stable income.

The ability to earn. We create the conditions for profitable cooperation, providing our partners with the opportunity to maintain high trade margins, while our prices are competitive and attractive to the retail purchaser. In addition, we carry out the exchange and return of illiquid assets.

Training of employees. We can train employees of our partners, both in person and remotely. We provide informational materials on staff training and design points of sale.

The friendly and professional staff. The staff of the company consists of highly qualified employees, they love their work and look forward to hearing from you. We appreciate and need every partner, from large supermarkets and wholesalers to small retail stores. We value our partners and we treat them with respect.