Storage jar with measuring lid, 2L

Petra series includes storage jars, sets of jars for spices and bottles for oil and vinegar, united by a common original design. All items of series are made of shockproof glass, and in the manufacture of covers was used only stainless steel. The ergonomic design makes it easy to take even the largest jar with one hand. Lids for the jars are equipped the beaker and are transparent, which makes it convenient to keep them in the drawers. Lids for spices jars have three different dosing regimen, and spouts of bottles for oil and vinegar equipped with an automatic cover. Set of 13 items in this series includes a rotating stand. Garantie on all items of series Petra is 5 years.

Article 741010

Pcs per m.carton 12

M.carton gr.waight 13,2 kg

M.carton dimensions 48,5х36,5х32,5 cm