What do people really mean by the concept of home warmth and comfort? Everyone has their own multi-faceted and very personal picture of family happiness, but it will be incomplete without delicious home-cooked food. Fresh pastries flavor, evening tea party, leisurely talking with loved people give us so unique taste and meaning to life.

We are sure that day-to-day cooking is not a routine, but a fascinating creativity that unites family and friends. Therefore, NÁDOBA creates convenient, reliable, functional kitchenware as for novice cooks as well as for experienced chefs. We do it better than others do in combination of uncompromising quality, diversity of collection and accessible price.

The Czech company Kucharské náciní NÁDOBA started as a small production of suspension rack systems. Today the company develops and produces all types of cookware - pots, fry pans, saucepans, kettles and many other things. The products are suitable for any stoves, from gas to induction. People cook daily, and we help to make cooking process as comfortable as possible.

Do not think about how it works just have fun!

To that end, NADOBA offers cookware with induction bottom technology that saves electricity and your time:

- cast aluminum fry pans with the latest European-made safe non-stick coatings;

- stackable multifunctional pots with built-in colanders and foldable handles to save kitchen space.

In addition, we offer you elegant and ergonomic cutlery for exquisite serving, reliable flasks for walking and traveling, knives with perfect sharpening, bakeware and more.

The highest quality materials and strict manufacturing control guarantees a long service life of products that will please you for many years.

We are changing lives for the better, and do not intend to stop there!


NÁDOBA is cookware for happy people!