Czech company Kucharské náciní NÁDOBA, s.r.o., is a manufacturer of high quality cookware, kitchen tools and accessories under the brand NÁDOBA.

The uniqueness of the brand is based on a combination of European quality of goods and competitive prices, which is achieved by favorable economic conditions in Eastern Europe today, in compliance with the most stringent European standards and maintain a high level of technology. All products of the brand are medium price range.

The products under the brand name NÁDOBA are manufactured on modern factories, equipped with high-tech machines and equipment with constant quality control of products. In the production of the most modern technological advances that give us a basis for a well-deserved pride and confidence in the quality of our goods. High quality materials used in production, do not emit any substances hazardous to health in contact with food, even at high temperature. All products under the brand NÁDOBA characterized by durability and reliability and meet the highest international and European standards for safety, durability, abrasion and chemical resistance, as confirmed by long-term guarantee. All goods are packed in contemporary packaging, which has a the actual European design.

Today, products under the brand name NÁDOBA are sold  not only in the Czech Republic, but also most of Europe and earned enough good reviews and customer loyalty.